1984 - everyone wondering who she was

from by factor X

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This is originally from a tape circa 1984, it's got all the thing I was fascinated by at that time. It started with a boring 11 minutes of radio noise etc on top of my two favourite loop at the time, a stumbling thud of a beat (?) and the french radio loop, which I have no idea what his saying over and over. This as I remember covers a lot of that recording was to me 1979/84, some of the sounds, god there's a jiggle on there, again from french radio that I listened to over and over.

This tape only really survived in this form because of a friend in Exeter sometime in 1990, wanted to do a split tape, and at that time I had most of the now lost recordings, I must of given him a bagful, and he chose this one, I remember not being overly pleased, something like "what that noisy old crap" !
English Yoni was/is his name (I haven't seen him in about 4 years, he never looked very well), he listened to his music at the time through a bass speaker, I think this was, or sounds like it was recorded through a bass speaker.
It didn't start out sounding all that great, home recording can be like using eyes that are in love with what they see.

It was on soundcloud for a while, as the full half of the original.

Starting out a c90, then cut down to one side, which side I not sure, side 2 I think, cos the name use was at the end, taken same musical, off a record, mostly lightly
from a charity shop, not original cas and all that. Now reduced, edited down to 20 minutes, basically for the shit noise comp Underground X-treme Online Compilationserie.
30 years later

Here it is now a document to a wasted youth




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