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factor X album 022, available as CD from www.monochromevision.ru

2/022 youtu.be/RUt6PZesWyg
7/022 youtu.be/i0sbbclklvQ

"From what I can remember this was put together over the year 1985, there's a sound on here that take me right back to the time I recorded them, the first that comes to mind is the recording of a fire engine, I recorded that from the roof top where I was living above a cafe, on Torquay harbour, and the squeaking bed sounds from a flat I moved into in the latter part of that year. I'd listen to the parts over and over, it's all very basically put together, with a technic I was using at the tape which was, three tape machines, two playing and one recording, and we're talking Radio Shack not even pioneer".

An extra thing I should mention, now I think of it, is that there was a 7' single part with the tape, I think I did a edition of 25, and sent them to poor devils I had the addresses of. I can only remember one good response from this guy in Portugal, a DJ on some radio station, he sent me this wonderful letter back saying how much he loved the record, and tried to play it out, but nearly got the sack. The single were second hand from a bargain bin, scratched to pieces, you could play them but in did no good to your stylus. I put labels on them so there was really no way of knowing who had originally done the little disc.
The cover for the single, was a drawing I did of an angular man, starting his walk down a path, a picture that has so what hung in my mind, think about now, after listening to 022, while recording it off to put up, there is a connection with the aboriginal content that's on the tape.




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