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album in videos
026/1 youtu.be/G3MXXPKbrzs
026/2 youtu.be/fMmTLB0d_j4
026/3 youtu.be/ikCniM8C6-0
026/4 youtu.be/kFVT4HyO0y0
026/5 youtu.be/-0AXvXBLHGc
026/6 youtu.be/6qh8JJ8hypI
026/7 youtu.be/WzkLdGanWmc
026/8 youtu.be/bXl1qP_Yy3Q
026/9 youtu.be/qmekEgnHbp4
026/10 youtu.be/BqKV-xkV_-A
various audio parts
026/1&2 shitnoiserecords.bandcamp.com/track/026-1-2

026 was put together in 1986, a direct follow on from 022, living in Torquay at the time, I would wonder round at all times of the day looking for things to record, I remember one, it was on the main street, there was lots of road works going on the a building being refurbished, and there was a short tunnel of covered area, protecting the pedestrians from dust etc, at the end there was a busker on a guitar, I walked back a forth that piece of street over and over trying to getting a recoding of the various bursts of noise, ending with the guitar playing of the busker, I was starting to get looks, so I moved on. I'd brought a sample in 1986 so, there's some use of that on this, a Casio SK-1, I think it was called




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