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album in videos
034/01 youtu.be/0EDozSSZi4Y
034/02 youtu.be/DGb63R01e3E
034/03 youtu.be/7cKESFBE9tI
034/04 youtu.be/7OSRQ4L6AT4
034/05 youtu.be/Aw5uUwrbMbs
034/06 youtu.be/IL94X2GbJwY
034/07 youtu.be/_588jn5PRQU
034/08 youtu.be/KasOIR0DRu8
034/09 youtu.be/SSqubqT5YD4
034/10 youtu.be/CDE2zWMSHTc
034/11 youtu.be/qb1-QiD4Tys
034/12 youtu.be/oVDxOIwwkqw
034/13 youtu.be/MpMx8Fjx7jo
034/14 youtu.be/ukHce5CZpLQ
034/15 youtu.be/EpAfBBPLiTQ
various audio parts
034/02 shitnoiserecords.bandcamp.com/track/034-02
034/04 shitnoiserecords.bandcamp.com/track/034-4
034/7/3/5 shitnoiserecords.bandcamp.com/track/034-7-3-5

(1989) This tape was dreamed to be the end of an era in the factor X world, the masterpiece of the collages I'd been doing for years, well it took long enough to splice together, there was everything from little atonal ditty on my Casio the the whole sale usage of other people work, including Jean Kelly, György Ligeti and many other fragments. in this half documentary half musique moncrète, cut together with a razor blade and selotape.
It show the cross section off ideas that were occupying me




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